Create your own shape files using

AngwaShapes is a web application that enables the user to draw polygons on google maps.
These polygons are stored in a database for later reference.
Multiple polygons can be drawn sequencially and stored as a block.
These blocks, in turn, can be grouped to create ESRI shape files which can be downloaded as a .zip file.
Feel free to give it a quick try:

Use the New Block button to create a new block.
The mouse wheel zooms in and out. Click and hold to move around (Even while you are creating a block).
Click on each vertex of a polygon and double click on the last vertex to finish.
Polygons can be edited before saving. But you have to subscribe and log in before being able to save and download polygons.

Click here to try it. Just $20.00 for a subscription and you can easily cancel if it isn't something you need.

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